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MenCouragePH Range - Men's Rights & Mental Wellness

Domestic abuse affects EVERY gender identity. Any human has the potential to be abused or become an abuser. 10% of all profits from the MenCourage Merchandise Range goes towards providing support services and discounted / free financial legal aid to men desperately struggling to pay for access to legal help due to economically or financially abusive / controlling partners.

If you are a man facing mental health challenges or intimate partner abuse - or know someone who is - you are not alone! You can reach out for advice / support from: - we are here to stand with you and help you make it through to the other side!

You can also donate directly to help us help more boys and men escape poor mental health and / or living in abusive situations / trying to obtain contact with their children due to abusive partners / care givers: All donations are used to help provide support services, financial assistance, back-to-work assistance, legal aid, housing and food.

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Our Mission

We are Zest For Life - Coach Mark and Coach Zen. We came together in 2019 as a British / Filipina acoustic guitar / singing duo, voice coach, mental health advocate, ESL English Coach, motivational speakers and life coaches with a passion to do as much good as we can, wherever we are and whoever we are with, across the world.

Our mission is to spread inspiration, compassion, happiness and positive motivation to all we connect with. To raise awareness of social issues wherever we travel and to help you live a great life. 

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Our core value is we believe all people and talent deserve to shine no matter what. Therefore, we donate a % of our selected merchandise profits to key organisations supporting those living with challenges including people disadvantaged by Social Inequality, Food Poverty, Transgender, HIV/AIDS, STIs, LGBTQ+, BAME, Mental Health and Domestic Abuse related prejudices. 

You can also donate directly here:

Want to know more about our advocacy? Drop us an e-mail or chat with us on Telegram: @zestforlife2020